2019-20 Drum Major Tryout Information

Drum Major Workshop:

  • Monday, March 25, 1-3 p.m., Band Hall

Drum Major Tryout:

  • Wednesday, April 10, 1-3 p.m., Vickers Fine Arts Center
  • Auditions are open only to incoming freshmen who have served as drum major or assistant drum major at their high school.
  • Attire for the audition should be comfortable clothing that is free for motion.
  • All applicants will need a letter of recommendation from their high school band director.


Students will demonstrate vocal commands along with marching fundamentals. See video below for clarification:

  • Band, Attention!
  • March Time Mark (mark 8)
  • Forward March (forward 8)
  • Backwards March (backwards 8)
  • Band, Halt!

See Videos 1 and 2 below.

Students will perform the following memorized conducting pattern. See the video below for clarification:

Count off in 4

  • 2 bars of 4/4 in marcato style, two bars in legato style
  • 2 bars of 3/4 in marcato, 2 in legato
  • 2 bars of 2/4 in marcato, 2 in legato
  • 1 bar of two with a Cut off on 1 of the next bar.

See 3rd Video below.

Students will conduct a prepared routine with cues. Music must be a marching band arrangement.

*Keeping a basic pattern is most important, but visual cues should be done to accentuate the performance. Pretend the band is in front of you and cue the sections where needed. Being an ECCC drum major is about showmanship, but an unclear pattern does not help the band.

Students will Interview with Directors.

Students will need to bring a letter of recommendation from their high school band director.