Dual Credit allows high school students an opportunity to participate in courses at East Central Community College, in partnership with their local high school, to earn academic credit toward meeting high school graduation requirements and toward the completion of an ECCC degree. College credit earned during Dual Credit enrollment is a permanent part of the ECCC transcript.

For more information on Dual Credit at ECCC, contact Alicia Beasley, Director of eLearning education, at abeasley@eccc.edu or 601-635-6322.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Dual Credit:

What is the difference between a dual credit course and a traditional college course attended by traditional college students?

Other than the fact that dual credit students get high school credit while traditional college students do not, there is no difference. A dual credit course covers exactly the same content, with no additions and no omissions, as a traditional college course. This is what enables the college to award the same credit to a dual credit student as is awarded to a traditional college student.

What are the benefits of enrolling my student in a Dual Credit course?

  • Smooths the transition from high school to college
  • Allows students to get a head start on academic coursework and accelerates completion time for a degree
  • Increases the likelihood of graduating high school and enrolling in college
  • Costs less than coursework for a traditional college student
  • Prepares students for college work
  • Introduces students to the expectations of a college environment
  • Facilitates higher-level thinking skills and challenges creative and high-achieving students

Can dual credit coursework transfer to institutions of higher learning other than ECCC?

Once a student has successfully completed dual credit coursework and attained a high school diploma, the dual credit coursework will transfer in the same manner as credit attained by a traditional college student.

About Policies, Procedures, and Costs:

How do ECCC policies and procedures apply regarding high school dual credit?

Dual credit students and instructors are subject to the same policies and guidelines as all other ECCC students. This includes policies and procedures regarding attendance, grading, academic integrity, etc.

How are the grades for the dual credit course calculated?

The final grade that is entered into myEC is calculated based solely and strictly on the grade weights and content as described within the official ECCC syllabus distributed to dual credit instructors for that course. Grades for the dual credit course may not be ranked, curved, padded, etc. How the final grades for the high school credit are calculated is determined by that high school’s administration.

How does attendance work in a dual credit course?

Dual credit students are subject to the attendance policies of ECCC. They will be cut from a course if they are absent more than the amount allowable by ECCC and must then follow the proper reinstatement request procedure. Dual credit students are marked absent for every scheduled course meeting they do not attend. Only official absences (those incurred when students miss class while officially representing the College) do not count toward the total number of absences allowed.

Is an absence during an official high school event an official absence from a dual credit course?

No. Official absences are limited to those incurred when students miss class while officially representing ECCC.

Who pays the costs of dual credit courses?

Students are responsible for paying for course costs, course fees, textbooks, and any other costs generated by ECCC relating to the enrollment.

What is the cost of a dual credit course?

A traditional three credit hour course is $105, and a traditional four credit hour course is $130.  These courses take place at your student’s high school.

An online three credit hour course is $160.  Online courses are taught by East Central Community College instructors and take place within the Canvas Learning Management System. Your student will have a facilitator at the high school in the event assistance is needed.

Is there a refund available if my student withdraws from the dual credit class?

Part-time students will not be granted tuition refunds after the first class meeting. Dual Credit students are considered part-time by ECCC due to their enrollment in less than fifteen semester hours.

About Student Eligibility and Enrollment:

Which students can take a dual credit course?

Students may be granted admission status at ECCC in Dual Credit courses while concurrently enrolled in high school if they meet the following admission requirements:

  • Have completed a minimum of fourteen (14) core high school units (students who do not have fourteen (14) core high school units but who have a composite score of thirty (30) on the ACT assessment may be considered for enrollment).
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale for high school work completed; and
  • Have the unconditional recommendation of their high school principal or guidance counselor.

Do dual credit students have to meet same course prerequisites or co-requisites as traditional college students?

Yes. A student must meet all college-level prerequisite or co-requisite requirements for every dual credit course.

What courses are available for Dual Credit?

Please contact your local high school counselor to learn what courses your student’s high school offers via Dual Credit partnership with ECCC.

How does my student enroll?

Students interested in completing Dual Credit courses will need to visit www.eccc.edu and complete the Dual Credit application for admission.  Your local high school will submit transcripts and a letter of recommendation for Dual Credit enrollment to ECCC, as well as provide ACT records, if East Central Community College was not selected as recipient of scores when your student completed the ACT.

How will my student receive his/her textbooks?

Dual credit students should check with their counselors for information concerning textbooks.