Warrior Walking Club

WHAT: ECCC has started a walking club as part of Warrior Wellness, a campus and community wellness initiative in partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. Anyone can join the walking club by completing and submitting the Interest Form, or by contacting Dianne O’Neill at 601-862-2130 or Crystal Fitzgerald at 601 917-2707. There are no fees, no commitments, and no pressure. What is offered is encouragement, companionship, and incentives to improve your health.

WHERE: The ECCC walking track is our official club track. One large lap plus one small lap equals one mile. Walking at other venues are still logged and counted as miles walked. What is not included is walking achieved through normal daily activity.

WHEN: If you are listed on a team it is because you have indicated that that is your preferred time to walk, and you will hopefully see many of your fellow teammates while you walk. However, you are free to walk at any time and still log the miles for your team. ONLY record “time set aside for walking” in your records.

HOW IT WORKS: Walkers are asked to log their mileage weekly beginning the week Sunday, Oct. 2. In the future you will be able to log your mileage on this webpage. For now, please keep your records at home. Please round off to1/4 mile increments.

Beginners should set a daily goal of 1 mile (2,000 steps) five days per week for 5 miles per week.

Active Walkers should shoot for 5 miles per day (10,000 steps) for a weekly total of 25 miles per week.

All walkers should set personal weekly goals and encourage team members to rack up more miles.

For those who have steps set on your pedometer, we will round off to the following conversions:

2000 steps = one mile

10,000 steps = 5 miles

50,000 steps = 25 miles.

Walking teams consist of 20 or fewer walkers based on preferred walking times. If your team has fewer than 20 walkers, become a recruiter! The more members, the more miles your team will rack up. If you would like to start your own team, it’s easy! Just contact Dianne or Crystal.