eccc workforce coordinators
Debra Hutchins

Health Care Training

  • Pharmacy Tech
  • EMT Refresher
  • Paramedic Refresher
  • First Aid & CPR



Technical TrainingComputer Applications
Human Resource Services


  • M3
  • CRC
East Central Community College (ECCC) in partnership with the Mississippi Community College Board provides a variety of services to meet specific, customized, or individualized training needs. Assistance is available year-round, and coordinators develop and deliver the following services within the district.

Pre-Employment Training: Pre-Employment instruction is conducted to give participants information and skills needed for jobs with the company. New employees may be selected by the company from these classes.

Post-Employment Training: Many jobs require technical skills using specialized equipment and other company resources which cannot be easily duplicated outside the industrial facility. Training for these jobs is described as post-employment training. This training, which often utilizes company personnel as instructors, supplements pre-employment training and continues until the new employee can work independently. Post-employment training typically occurs in a production environment.

Upgrade Training:  Employee upgrade training is designed to prepare an individual for advancement in responsibility or job classification. Upgrade training covers a wide variety of areas and is unique from industry to industry. Computer classes are an example of this type of training.

Retraining:  Retraining programs are designed to prepare existing employees with the new skills needed as a result of production or technological changes. This training typically covers a wide range of areas and is unique to the client being served.

Training Manual and Videotape/CD-ROM Development: Working with the Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit, the Workforce Development coordinator can assist with the development and printing of training manuals. The manuals, which are developed to meet the individual needs of a specific industry, are printed at no cost to the company. The Research and Curriculum Unit can also produce videotapes and CD-ROM's for industrial training. These resources are designed to address the training needs of an individual industry.

Services provided through the Workforce Development coordinators bridge the gap between existing knowledge and new skills needed to perform in today's workforce, and...

  • Offers employers State-Funded training resources and instruction designed to "Grow Employees" into stronger contributors.
  • Delivers supervisor training that addresses communication skills, problem-solving, fact-based decision making, motivation, team building, change, etc.
  • Enables skill upgrade training so employees can learn and adapt to new technologies.