Stewart Residence Hall



  • Three floors, 54 rooms
  • Central air & heat (in-room control)
  • Lobby with a TV
  • Separate study area each floor
  • Kitchen for student use each floor
  • Coin-operated washers & dryers
  • Vending machines

Room Dimensions:
13'10" x 17'7"

Room Video:
Stewart Hall


Leake Hall

eccc leake hall


  • Two-story building
  • Contains 16 apartments
  • Adjacent to Student Union Building and Wellness Center
  • Originally constructed for married students
  • Today it is occupied by faculty, honor students, and married students
  • A major renovation was completed during the 1994 spring semester

17'4" x 34'10"

Room Video:
Leake Hall

Erma Lee Barber Hall



  • Two floors, 64 rooms
  • Central air and heat
  • Lobby with a TV; separate study area; kitchen for student use
  • Coin-operated washer and dryer
  • Vending machines
  • One room fully equipped for handicapped students
  • Telephone services available in all rooms
  • All rooms cable TV accessible

Room Dimensions:
14'5" x 16'4"

Room Video:
Barber Hall