Disability Support Services

ECCC is committed to ensuring equal access to a quality education for qualified students with disabilities through the provision of reasonable academic accommodations and auxiliary aids which support the College standards and academic integrity. Disability Support Services, as part of the Office of Student Success is committed to creating a positive campus environment where students with disabilities are encouraged to pursue careers based on personal interest and ability. Reasonable accommodations are offered in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA staff, known as Disability Support Services (DSS) is here to assist students with the implementation of academic accommodations and program accessibility.

It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify, provide documentation of disability, request reasonable accommodations related to their specific disability, use the approved accommodations, access other types of College assistance, if needed, and work towards academic success. ECCC through the American with Disabilities Acts (ADA) Coordinator provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. The ADA Coordinator verifies eligibility for accommodations and works with eligible students to develop and coordinate plans to provide those accommodations. We encourage each student to contact us if the student has any questions about the student’s accommodations or if problems occur regarding the student’s accommodations. 

How to Obtain Disability Accommodations at ECCC:

Accommodations for students attending East Central Community College include a range of services, equipment and modifications designed to allow you to do your best. Accommodations vary according to the disability.

To receive accommodations in time for your classes, we recommend taking these steps at least three weeks prior to registration. However, if you are already enrolled, please contact Student Success as soon as possible.

Remember: It is your responsibility to inform the college of your needs and to request accommodations from the appropriate personnel. Failure to notify the college means that you will not have accommodations for your classes. 

1. Contact Student Success

Your first step is to identify yourself as a student with a disability. Login to your myEC account for Office to Complete the “Disability Accommodations Request Form” and submit it to Student Success.

If you have not yet received your myEC account information, you may also complete a paper Disability Accommodations Request + Intake form by contact ADA Coordinator Dr. Amanda Walton using ada@eccc.edu.

2. Gather Documentation

Your next step is to obtain documentation of your disability and provide this information to the Disability Support Services personnel.

Because reasonable accommodations are based on the current impact of a disorder or impairment, it is necessary that all documentation and testing should be no more than three years old. Disability Support Services personnel will consider your requests based on documentation submitted.

3. Schedule an Appointment

Once you have documentation, make an appointment with the appropriate Disability Support Services personnel to discuss your needs. During this time, you can review the Disability Support Services handbook and learn more about available resources to support your success as an ECCC student.

Once your documentation has been received and the appropriate paperwork completed, your requests will be reviewed.

4. Once You’re Approved

  • Once the accommodation is approved, Disability Support Services will communicate with you, and if selected, your instructor(s) listing the approved accommodation(s) for you via the college email system.
  • Copies of approved accommodations will be given to you.
  • You are encouraged to make an initial contact with your instructor at the first of class and set up a time to discuss the accommodations.
  • Accommodations are valid beginning on the date of the letter.
  • During the term, if you realize that an accommodation is not working or that you need additional support, please bring that to the attention of the appropriate personnel as soon as possible.
  • Feel free to discuss with your instructors any questions or concerns about your accommodations. It is recommended that you take a copy of your accommodations to your instructors for verification.
  • Instructors will coordinate all in-classroom accommodations, such as note takers and testing accommodations.