eccc efaqs If you have questions about taking online courses at East Central Community College, please call 601-635-6428 or email . The eLearning Office is happy to assist you with your educational needs.

What should I know before I start an online course through ECCC eLearning?

It is the student's responsibility to know the following information before enrolling in an online course.

  • Admissions process and registration procedures
  • Academic advising procedures
  • How to add/drop courses
  • How to withdraw from online
  • How to access and navigate MyEC
  • How to access and navigate EC email
  • How to navigate the East Central website

Can I complete the courses at my own pace?

No, EC Online courses have a start and end date. Instructors post due dates and deadlines for each assignment within their Canvas site.

What type of equipment or materials will I need for an online course?

Each course has different materials required for student instruction; however, these are the most commonly needed resources:

  • Internet
  • Access to a computer
  • Ability to navigate web pages
  • Textbook(s)

How many online courses can I take at one time?

East Central Community College does not limit students in the number of online classes they can take in any given semester; however, ECCC does have a student load policy as outlined in the catalog.

What is the withdrawal policy?

The policy for East Central online courses is the same as for traditional courses. Attendance is taken in online courses. Failure to turn in assignments could result in the student's withdrawal from the course. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from a course before the drop date deadlines. Students must complete the request to withdraw on MyEC.  Withdrawals are not accepted by phone. The withdrawal policy is outlined in the college catalog.

Does Financial Aid cover online classes?

Yes. The Financial Aid Office does not differentiate between online or traditional classes when it pertains to receiving funds. All questions about Financial Aid should be directed to (601) 635-5216.

What are proctored exams?

Proctored exams are the tests given at a certified testing center in Mississippi to ensure the integrity of online classes. They cannot be taken at home. This is the only time an online student will need to come to a junior/community college. Photo ID (East Central Students must present EC Student ID) is required. Exceptions: Out-of-state residents or military personnel stationed outside of the state must arrange for an acceptable test site at their own expense. These students should contact the eLearning Center at for Off-Campus proctoring requests.

Are online classes counted differently by the school? Do they show differently on my transcript?

No. Online courses count for the same amount of credit as traditional courses. They do not show any differently on a transcript. Transcripts do not indicate whether the course taken was online or traditional.