eccc foundation scholarships

Annual and endowed scholarships are funded by individual and/or group donations and are made available to eligible students according to each scholarship's criteria. 

Annual scholarships can be funded on a semester or yearly basis and a $500 minimum annual contribution is required. However, annual scholarships are usually funded to cover tuition which is currently $1,780 per semester.  

The endowment of a scholarship requires a minimum investment of $20,000.  An endowment may be established with a minimum initial investment of $2,000 with an agreement to complete the total $20,000 investment in three years or less.

The Foundation currently has 113 endowed scholarships, and 39 annual scholarships. There are five partially endowed scholarships.  A minimum is required to endow these partially endowed scholarships, and scholarships cannot be awarded until the minimum amount is reached.  With your help, these partially endowed scholarships can be fully endowed and awarded to deserving students. 

One very important scholarship program is our East Central Scholars program.  EC Scholars offers top students two full years of tuition paid educational opportunities at East Central.

If you are interested in contributing to or establishing a scholarship at East Central, please contact the Foundation office at 601-635-6327 or e-mail at

Partially Endowed Scholarships