1.  Can I receive federal financial aid by taking just any course?

  •  No, you must be seeking a certificate/degree at our institution and take courses needed for that certificate/degree.

2.  Do I need a certain grade point average to receive financial aid?

  • Yes, you must comply with the ECCC Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy                                                 

3.  I probably don’t qualify for the Pell Grant. Should I fill out the FAFSA anyway?

  • Yes, even if you don’t qualify for Pell grant, many scholarships require FAFSA submission.

4.  Can I receive federal financial aid as a part-time student?

  • Yes, if you are determined to be eligible based on Expected Family Contribution(EFC) or Student Aid Index (SAI), cost of attendance(COA), and the number of hours you are taking

5.  If I’m on financial aid suspension, can I receive financial aid?

  • No federal aid is available if you on financial aid suspension if you have mitigating circumstances that caused you to go on suspension
  • You may complete an appeal form
  • If your appeal is denied, you cannot receive any type of federal financial aid

6.  Do I have to file taxes to complete my FAFSA?

  • You can mark “Will file” on the FAFSA but you should go back and enter the tax information after filing.

7.  When will refunds be disbursed?

  • Funds are requested from the Department of Education once 55% of the course is completed

8.  How do I apply for Financial Aid?

  • The first step to apply for Financial Aid is to complete a FAFSA online at www.FAFSA.gov.

9.  Where do I go to make an FSA ID?

  • www.fsaid.ed.gov
  • Both student and parent (if dependent) must have an FSA ID to sign the FAFSA

10.  How will I receive my refund?

  • East Central delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX Inc. To learn more, contact the Business Office at 601-635-6208 or visit this LINK.

11.  Where do I go to pay my charges?

  • The Business Office handles all payments and charges