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Aubrie Howell

The cosmetology course is designed for those who want to become a cosmetologist.  The course has the approval of the Mississippi State Board of Education and the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology along with the support and approval of beauty salon owners and operators throughout the state.   The cosmetology program is a 12 month program during which the student must complete 1500 clock hours of training and maintain an average grade of 85 in theory and skill course work to be eligible to take the State Board Examination in order to attain a license.

Application Deadline: July 2018

For information concerning the application process, please contact:
Jennifer Savell, Instructional Counselor at 601-635-6287 or
Linda Vance, Administrative Assistant at 601-635-6210

Requirements for the Cosmetology Program

  1. Be at least 17 years of age and must have completed high school or obtained the GED;
  2. Letter of Acceptance from the Office of Admissions (application and all transcripts must be on file and verified by admissions);
  3. Completed ECCC Cosmetology Application;
  4. Questionnaire and Essay;
  5. An official GED transcript or official high school transcript must be on file in the Workforce Education Office (if accepted into the program the official transcript will be mailed to the State Board of Cosmetology); and
  6. ACT score of 14 or better; OR Compass Score of 49-69 in Reading; 26-48 in Writing and 21-100 in Math.
Courses taught in the Cosmetology program...
  • Cosmetology Sciences I, II, III
  • Hair Care I, II, III
  • Cosmetology Orientation
  • Skin Care I, II, III
  • Nail Care I, II, III
  • Salon Business I, II
For a complete listing of the cosmetology curriculum please see the ECCC College Catalog.

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