To petition for readmission, the student must reapply and write a letter to the Dean of Healthcare Education requesting readmission. The letter must outline responsible behavioral changes for student success. The Dean presents the letter to the Policy, Admission and Progression Committee. The committee reviews the merits of the letter and the student’s previous records to determine if an interview will be granted. If an interview is granted, the student will be scheduled to interview with a nursing instructor. Based upon the interview results and academic records, the committee will approve or deny the student’s candidacy for readmission. The deadline for spring readmission is October 1, and for summer and fall readmission is January 31.

Readmission to the nursing program is not guaranteed even if a student meets all requirements for readmission.  Readmission may be denied due to, but not limited to, any of the following circumstances:

  • Unavailable space in the course to which the student requests readmission.  Students in regular progression have enrollment priority for classes and clinical sites.
  • Student has been administratively dismissed from the program.

All nursing courses must be taken within two years of the initial admission date to the Practical Nursing Program.

The decision to allow a student to return to the nursing program following documentation of unsafe or unethical nursing practice resulting in clinical failure or withdrawal is made through collaboration between the dean, practical nursing (PN) director, course coordinator, and the clinical faculty member who evaluated the student as unsatisfactory.

Readmitted students must schedule a meeting with their advisor within two weeks of reentry into the nursing program. A regularly scheduled meeting time will be established with the student for the remainder of the semester. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in administrative dismissal.

A student who fails or withdraws from any nursing course twice in the Practical Nursing program will not be eligible for additional readmission into the program. Although the programs provides no guarantee, a student can request an additional readmission with evidence of extreme extenuating circumstances. Students are only allowed one readmission into the Practical Nursing Program.