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eccc mfg and machining

Precision Manufacturing & Machining Technology is an instructional program that prepares individuals to shape metal parts on machines such as lathes, grinders, drill presses, and milling machines. Included is instruction in making computations related to work dimensions, testing, feeds, and speeds of machines; using precision measuring instruments such as layout tools, micrometers, and gauges; machining and heat-treating various metals; and laying out machine parts. Also included is instruction in the operation and maintenance of computer equipment. All graduating students will take a career readiness exam - CRC (Career Readiness Certificate). Students can earn a bronze, silver, gold or platinum (CRC) credential. Students completing the Career & Technical program will have an opportunity to earn the National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS) credential Level I. These credentials are in addition to the certificate and/or the associate of applied science degree that the students receive.

Courses taught in the Precision Manufacturing & Machine Technology program...
  • Power Machinery I, II, III, IV
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Machine Tool Mathematics
  • Computer Numerical Control Operations I, II
  • Advance Blueprint Reading
  • Precision Layout
  • CAD/CAM Fundamentals
For a complete listing of courses required for the Precision Manufacturing & Machining Technology program, please see the ECCC College Catalog.
Careers in the Precision Manufacturing & Machining Technology program...
  • Maintenance Machinist
  • Production Machinist
  • Tool & Die Manufacturing/Repair
  • CNC Technician/Programmer
  • Molding Industry
  • Automotive Producation or Customization
  • Self Employed

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