Program of Study

Students applying for admission into the Practical Nursing program must meet the general college admission requirements as well as admission requirements specific to the program. The Practical Nursing Certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the one-year Practical Nursing Program.

Academic Calendar


Credit Hours


BIO 2511 and BIO 2513 or BIO 2514: Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab or upper level equivalent

BIO 2521 and BIO 2523 or BIO 2524: Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab or upper level equivalent





Total: 8.00


PNV 1116: Practical Nursing Foundations



Total: 16.00


PNV 1216: Intermediate Practical Nursing



Total: 16.00


PNV 1412: Advanced Practical Nursing



Total: 12.00

Enrollment in PNV courses is limited to students who have been admitted to the PN program and these courses must be taken in the sequence specified. All nursing courses must be completed within two years to graduate from the Practical Nursing program.

Progression/Graduation Requirements: Semester average of 80 or above in PN courses; grade of “C” or above in all required courses; mastery of selected nursing skills; satisfactory clinical grade, where applicable; and completion of required assessment examinations. Upon successful completion of the practical nursing program of study, graduates will be awarded 52 credit hours.

ECCC currently implements Option 4 (August start) 2018 Practical Nursing MS Curriculum Framework.