February 6, 2018

For the second straight semester, East Central Community College in Decatur has experienced the highest percentage enrollment increase among the 15 community and junior colleges in the state of Mississippi.

ECCC reported a 10.3 percent increase in unduplicated head count enrollment for the spring 2018 semester, compared to the spring 2017 semester, according to the 10th day enrollment report released last week by the Mississippi Community College Board.

The college also had a 6.5 percent increase in semester credit hours, or the total number of hours in which all students are enrolled, over last spring, also the highest percentage increase among the state’s two-year colleges.

ECCC’s unduplicated headcount for spring 2018 after the first 10 days of classes was 2,275 students, compared to 2,062 students the same time a year ago.

In addition to East Central, only three of the other 14 community or junior colleges in Mississippi reported increases in unduplicated head count enrollment for spring 2018, while only one other community or junior college reported an increase in semester credit hours taken.

The second highest percentage increase in unduplicated headcount for spring 2018 was 7.0 percent and the only other increase in semester credit hours was 3.4 percent.

East Central experienced a 10.3 percent increase in unduplicated headcount in fall 2017 which was also the largest among all two-year and four-year schools in Mississippi.

East Central Community College President Dr. Billy Stewart credits the college’s fall and spring enrollment successes on several factors.

“The college experienced decreases in enrollment in fall 2016 and spring 2017,” said Stewart. “Therefore, a lot of effort and focus was put on both recruiting and retaining students. I’m extremely proud of our faculty and staff for their hard work in helping us to both attract and retain outstanding students.

“A restructuring of our Student Services Division also allowed us to utilize three Student Recruiters/Enrollment Specialists who work with high school students in our five-county district and with other prospective students to help them enroll at ECCC. In addition, the restructuring allowed us to create two Instructional Counselor positions to assist currently enrolled students in persisting to graduation.”

Stewart also indicated that the opening of the new Women’s Residence Hall in August 2017 assisted with the enrollment increases as it has provided a minimum of 112 additional living spaces to help reduce a waiting list of female students wishing to reside on campus.

The college’s dual credit enrollment also has grown substantially thanks to the implementation in fall 2017 of a pilot program allowing a tiered tuition rate for dual credit students.

“Ultimately, we are fulfilling our vision to be nationally recognized and locally preferred,” said Stewart. “With our strong commitment to Student Success and Teaching & Learning, students know that if they enroll at East Central Community College, they will be prepared well for the next step in their educational or professional journey.”  

For more information on enrolling at East Central Community College in Decatur, including on-campus housing, scholarships and dual credit, please contact the Student Services Division at go2ec@eccc.edu or 877-GO-2-ECCC.