May 7, 2020

East Central Community College Hall of Fame honorees and their respective high schools include (from left) Gavin Bailey of Newton County, Alley Bernard of Southeast Lauderdale, Caleb Collins of Clinton, Asa Jimmie of Choctaw Central, Garet Jones of Forest, and Maggie Wooldridge of West Lauderdale.

Recipients of Hall of Fame and other honors were recently recognized by East Central Community College in Decatur during a Virtual Awards Ceremony shared on the college’s website and social media, in lieu of the annual ceremony held on campus each spring that was cancelled due to the Coronavirus and social distancing guidelines.

Selection to the Hall of Fame is considered the highest honor a student can receive at the college, according to ECCC President Dr. Billy Stewart.

“To be considered for the prestigious honor,” Stewart said, “students must demonstrate exemplary character, superior scholarship, worthy leadership, and contribute to the betterment of East Central Community College.”

Their photos will hang in the Hall of Fame Collection in the lobby of Huff Auditorium.

Hall of Fame inductees for 2020 and their respective high schools include Gavin Bailey of Newton County, Alley Bernard of Southeast Lauderdale, Caleb Collins of Clinton, Asa Jimmie of Choctaw Central, Garet Jones of Forest, and Maggie Wooldridge of West Lauderdale.

Bailey is a secondary education major from Decatur. A Dean’s List scholar, he serves as sophomore class treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa vice president of membership, resident assistant, captain of the Warrior baseball team, a member of Men of Dignity, and participates in College Worship.

Those nominating him wrote, “Gavin is the most well-rounded student that I have ever encountered. Most student athletes do not have time to participate in other college activities, but Gavin manages to participate and make a significant impact in all of the organizations he is in. The thing that stands out the most about Gavin is how he treats others. I have watched him include students that would otherwise not be included. Gavin has a way about him that makes everyone feel like somebody. Gavin embodies excellence in his academics and extracurricular activities, and class in his everyday life.”

Bernard is a pre-nursing major from Meridian. A President’s List scholar, she serves as Phi Theta Kappa vice president of outreach, is a BSU Council member and Bible study leader, member of Students for Life, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Sigma Sigma Mu Tau, Phi Beta Lambda, and participates in College Worship.

She was the recipient of the Dr. Beverly (Henry) Oliphant-Martin and John E. Martin Scholarship both her freshman and sophomore years, and was a nominee for HEADWAE.

Those nominating her wrote, “Alley is dedicated to her schoolwork as well as being dedicated to her relationship with Christ. She is a great role model for people to turn to with questions or just simply to talk to. Alley is the sweetest, most caring, and kindest person. She is always there for anyone who needs help. She works really hard in her studies to maintain a 4.0 GPA in nursing. She is involved in several things on campus and influences a lot of people to be involved as well.”

Collins is an engineering major from Clinton. A President’s and Dean’s List scholar, he serves as BSU co-president, and is a member of Students for Life, Phi Theta Kappa, Warrior Corps, President's Council, Alpha Alpha Epsilon, and participates in College Worship and intramural sports.

He was named a Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar, and received the Pleas Clayton and Amanda Breazeale Blount Memorial Scholarship his freshman year and the Landon Bryan Burt Memorial Scholarship his sophomore year. He was also elected class favorite his freshman and sophomore years.

Those nominating him wrote, "Caleb is an excellent example of how top out-of-district students can thrive at ECCC. He chose ECCC for the academics and the opportunity to grow socially and spiritually and he has succeeded in his two years. Caleb's commitment to ECCC reaches far beyond our five-county district. He's a proven leader with the kindest heart."

Jimmie is a liberal arts/engineering major from Choctaw. A President’s List scholar, he serves as co-president of Warrior Corps, president of the Native American Club, vice president of leadership for Phi Theta Kappa, and is a member of the Environmental Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Students for Life, President’s Council, Wall O’ Sound Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, and Percussion Ensemble. He also participates in intramural sports and attends College Worship.

He was a nominee for Higher Education Appreciation Day: Working for Academic Excellence (HEADWAE) and was a selected to represent ECCC at Capitol Day in Jackson in 2019. He received the Ann Burkes Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship his sophomore year.

Those nominating him wrote, "Asa loves to put everyone before himself and never hesitates to lend a helping hand. He is always seen wearing black and gold Warrior apparel and he proudly preaches about why ECCC is the place to be. He has done so many great things through his leadership roles and his campus involvement that will leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone who truly knew him."

Jones is a business administration major from Lawrence. A President’s and Dean’s List scholar, he serves as Phi Theta Kappa president, vice president for DECA, Men of Dignity, and President’s Council. He participates in intramural sports and attends College Worship. He was also a HEADWAE nominee.

Those nominating him wrote, "I think Garet is a very kind gentleman and a great person overall. He is actively involved around campus and always is willing to lend a helping hand. He takes pride in the things he does and the work he puts in. Garet is a great student and even better person. He represents East Central Community College well in everything he does. Garet is a well-rounded student. He is a very hard worker, he is dedicated to his education, and goes above and beyond what is asked of him. Garet loves everything about East Central and the new family it has given him."

Wooldridge is a liberal arts/civil engineering major from Collinsville. A President’s List scholar, she serves as BSU missions and publicity leader, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Students for Life, College Republicans, President’s Council, serves as a student assistant to the Athletics Department, was elected a Freshman and Sophomore class favorite, and participates in intramural sports.

She received the J. Andy Miller Freshman Engineering Award, Sylvia A. Haywood Memorial Scholarship, General William Patrick Wilson Academic Award and Memorial Scholarship.

Those nominating her wrote, “Maggie is well-grounded in her faith, academically astute, and a perfect representation of what we want in an East Central student. She is the type of student who we want representing East Central when they move on to a university and then out into the world. Maggie is a great student and an even better person. She always has a smile on her face and cares about her classmates.”

Additional ECCC honors presented include:

Career award recipients include Hannah Blythe of Forest, Residential Carpentry Award; Precious Floyd of Louisville, Cosmetology Award; and Corban Smith of Carthage, Welding and Cutting Taylor Cup and Career Student of the Year.

Technical awards were presented to Scottie Beall of Florence, Collision Repair Technology Award; Adrian Roland of Hickory, Automotive Technology Award; Cameron Sones of Union, Automation Control Technology Award; Colton Ingram of Philadelphia, Diesel Equipment Technology Award; DeJanna Williams of Morton and Keyshae Clemons of Philadelphia, co-recipients of the Early Childhood Education Technology Award; Zachary McKee of Carthage, Electrical Technology Award; Bo Tarlton of Preston, Heating and Air Conditioning Technology Award; Bruena Townsend of Newton, Culinary Arts Technology Award and Hotel & Restaurant Technology Award; Caleb McGrew of Meridian, Information Systems Technology Award; and Clay Presley of Lena, Precision Machining Technology Award and Technical Student of the Year.

Recipients of Healthcare Education awards include Lauren Whitehead of Louisville, Associate Degree Nursing Outstanding Achievement Award, and Hailey Myers of Louisville, Licensed Practical Nursing Student of the Year Award.

Those receiving Special Awards were Gavin Bailey of Decatur, Citizenship Award; Reyki Garcia of Carthage, Ann H. Burkes Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship; Sarah Burns of Carthage, Dr. Margaret Mosal Memorial Scholarship for Leadership; Garet Jones of Lawrence, Gavin Bailey of Decatur, Kayla Baucum of Newton, Alley Bernard of Meridian, Asa Jimmie of Choctaw, Bryce Callie Leach of Sebastopol, Baylee Lewis of Lena, Evan Miles of Sebastopol, Kaeleigh Thompson of Brandon, Jordan McLemore of Lake, Tucker Cain of Carthage, and Kaitlyn Kyzar of Forest, all recognized as officers of Phi Theta Kappa honor society; Josh Mitchell of Decatur, Alford J. Deaton Physics Award; Shelby McNeece of Morton, East Central Community College Astronomy Club Award; Kaitlyn Morris of Conehatta, East Central Environmental Club Award; Tucker Cain of Carthage, Dr. Richard Fisher Organic Chemistry Award; Matthew Riley, of Brandon, Anthony Coleman Men’s Basketball Award; Hayden Sullivan of Florence and Joel Hill of Decatur, co-recipients of the Roy Pete Award for Soccer; Katie Evans of Conehatta, ECCC Concert Choir Award; Wesley Akins of Philadelphia, ECCC Encore Players Award; Kenneth Spiva of Noxapater, ECCC Gospel Choir Award; Natalia Beltran Diaz of Bogota, Colombia, S. Lebrun Hutchison Engineering Scholarship; Nina Miles of Sebastopol, Freshman Mathematics Award; Maggie Woodridge of Collinsville, Sophomore Mathematics Award; Tori Seale of Philadelphia, Secondary Education Award; Star Latham of Louisville, Myrtle R. Hutchison Elementary Education Scholarship; Faith Jackson of Preston and Brandon Temple of Newton, C++ Programming Award; Barbara Bobo of Philadelphia and Alex Stewart of Lawrence, Mississippi Business Education Association Student Award; Barbara Bobo of Philadelphia, Caleb McGrew of Meridian, Daniel Triplett of Preston, Hannah Stokes of Philadelphia, Jerry Davidson of Union, and Tucker Cain of Carthage, Phi Beta Lambda Hall of Fame Award; and Kailynn Robertson of Philadelphia, Alyne Simmons Recruitment Grant.

Alumni Memorial Awards were presented to Gavin Bailey of Decatur, Billy Wayne Baucum Award for Secondary Education and Jack B. Mayo Phi Theta Kappa Award; Shelby McNeece of Morton, Opal McMullan Dickerson Elementary Education Award; Lane Belk of Philadelphia, W. A. Coursey Jr. Award for Engineering; Caleb Collins of Clinton, Danny Ray Killens Engineering Award; Keari Donald of Union, Ruth Carr Vincent Award for Academic Excellence in Non-Traditional Education; Riley Oubre of Newton, Alatha Chaney English Award; Cezar Arroyo Torres of Morton, Sara Carr Deaton Business Technology Award; Malina Mangrum of Philadelphia, Sue Yarbrough Fulgham Speech Award; Hayden Sullivan of Florence, Arno Vincent Award for Academic Excellence in Athletics; Asa Jimmie of Choctaw, William S. Giffin Men’s Intramural Award; KeiMoya Walker of Jackson, Earline Wood Memorial Award for Women’s Basketball; Matthew Riley of Brandon, Howard Sessums Men’s Basketball Award; Kelli Ficken of Terry, Homer F. Hunter Award for Athletic Managers; Elijah Keyes of Mize, Andrew F. Webb Football Award; and SaeBreanna Macon of Forest, Dr. Edwin Miller Medical Services Award.

Faculty Memorial Awards were presented to Jordan Wall of Newton, Aaron R. Davis Memorial Scholarship; Landree Amis of Conehatta, Frank Edwin Leatherwood and Nena Holt Leatherwood Scholarship; Braeden Yarbrough of Forest, Dr. Shelby L. Harris Memorial Scholarship; Garet Jones of Lawrence, J. Wallace Bedwell Business Award; Ansley Rigby of Union, Frank M. Cross Freshman Chemistry Award; Zacharie Collins of Union, J. Andy Miller Freshman Engineering Award; Zach Malone of Union and William Myers of Decatur, co-recipients of the O.L. Newell Drafting Award; Jerry Davidson of Union, Charles E. Pennington Business Technology Award; Angel Mondragon of Forest, Robert G. Fick Memorial Scholarship; Morgan McPhail of Philadelphia, Ruth Hull Memorial Award for Wo-He-Lo; Gavin Bailey of Decatur, Jamie Clark Memorial Award for Baseball; Courtney Gill of Carthage, Leon Eubanks KALJYC-Peers Leadership Award; and Anna Claire Morgan of Louisville, L.B. Simmons History Award.

Also recognized for Special Honors were Alley Bernard of Meridian and Gavin Bailey of Decatur, who were selected Phi Theta Kappa Community and Junior Colleges All-Mississippi Academic First Team and Second Team, respectively; Emilee Tadlock of Forest, Higher Education Appreciation Day: Working for Academic Excellence (HEADWAE) Student Award; Matthew Riley of Brandon, Kayla Baucum of Newton, Lydia Bishop of Conehatta, and Bryce Callie Leach of Sebastopol, Student Body Association officers; Giuliana Donato of Carthage, Jordan McLemore of Lake, Gavin Bailey of Decatur, and Kaeleigh Thompson of Brandon, sophomore class officers; and Jorian Jackson of Morton, Sarah Burns of Carthage, Alana McMullan of Decatur, and Jasmin Brooks of Collinsville, freshman class officers.