September 27, 2016

East Central Community College recognized numerous scholarship recipients and donor representatives during the annual ECCC Scholarship Awards Reception held recently on the Decatur campus.

During the event, 118 students received 130 Foundation scholarships valued at $99,574.

“We are thankful for the many individuals, businesses and industries who provide these scholarship opportunities for our students,” said David LeBlanc, director of alumni relations and the foundation. “I would also like to congratulate the record number of scholarship recipients on their outstanding achievements. These students truly represent our institution’s commitment to excellence.”

Scholarship recipients included:

Bobby Addy Memorial Scholarship-Destiny Barrett, Newton County High School

Alumni Association East Central Scholars Scholarship-Olivia Cain, Newton County High School

Alumni Association Lifetime Membership Scholarship-Makenzie Byrd, Sebastopol High School

Dr. L.B. and Dixie Adkins Scholarship-Logan Nester, Union High School

ATCO Loan, Inc., Scholarship-Grace Addy, Leake Central High School

AT&T Scholarship-Julia Johnston, Florence High School

Bank of Morton Scholarship-Diana Buitrago and Kalen Brown, both of Morton High School, and Victoria Shoemaker and Lee Sugg, both of East Rankin Academy

BankPlus Scholarship-Cain Cleveland, Newton County High School

Dr. Conrad C. Barnes, Jr., Math and Science Scholarship-Kaylin McCree, Newton County High School

W. Clayton Blount Scholarship-Hayden Hudspeth, Winston Academy

Board of Trustees Scholarship-Hailey Morris, Union High School

Dr. Austin P. Boggan Scholarship-Amber Self, Scott Central High School

Iris Pellegrene Boggan Scholarship-Brandy Quick, Leake Academy

Ernest Harrison Boswell Memorial Scholarship-Dillon Reed, Nanih Waiya High School

Dr. Frank and Bobbie McPhail Bowen Scholarship-Diamond Whittington, Leake County High School

Denver Brackeen Scholarship-Abby Hollingsworth, Newton County High School

Ann Burkes Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship-Kaitlyn Ware, Lake High School

Landon Burt Memorial Scholarship-Hannah Payne, Union High School

Jessica Cager Memorial Scholarship-Callie Baughn, Union High School

Mable Moore Carr Scholarship-Javontae Spivey, Forest High School

Jones & Carrie Williamson and Bascom & Hattie Chilsolm Memorial Scholarship-Andrew May, Leake Academy

Citizens Bank of Philadelphia Scholarship-Brittney Watkins, Forest High School

Class of 1964 Scholarship-Alejandro Salgado, Sebastopol High School

Classes of 1957, 1958 & 1959 Scholarship-Joseph Atkison, Leake Central High School

Kenny Coleman EMS Scholarship-Johnathon Moore, Neshoba Central High School

Prentice and Dorothy Copeland Scholarship-William Fanning, Neshoba Central High School

W.R. Covington Scholarship-Tyler Miles, Noxapater High School

Frances Brown Crenshaw Nursing Scholarship-Sarah Beth Whittle, Newton County High School

Aaron R. Davis Scholarship-Katie McCool, Winston Academy

Tony Dobbs Memorial Golf Scholarship-Ta’Nissa McNair, Forest High School

Kyle Dunkerson Memorial Scholarship-Shelby Carey, Newton County High School

Eastside Pawn & Gun Scholarship-Tyler Withers, Leake Academy

Etheridge Family Scholarship-Meagan Perry, Leake Academy

Leon Eubanks Kaljyc–Peers Schoarship-Makenzie Byrd, Sebastopol High School

Robert G. Fick Scholarship-Anastasia Crout, Lake High School

Friendship Breakfast Club Scholarship-Larry Reed, Jr., Newton County High School

Hubert D. Gilmore Scholarship-Bellani Yarbrough, Lake High School

John Grace Scholarship-Blake Jones, Forest High School

Sue Gunter Memorial Scholarship-Kalen Brown, Morton High School

R.O. and Bertha Hanna Scholarship-Anna Edwards, Scott Central High School

Nancy Auline Hiett Harris ADN Scholarship-Breona Moore, Union High School

Pam Harris Memorial Scholarship-Mallory Myers, Newton County High School

Richard L. Harris Scholarship-Chaney Mills, Newton County High School

Shelby L. Harris Scholarship-Katie McCool, Winston Academy

Dan Harrison Rush Health Systems Scholarship-Tavarious Hughes, Lake High School

Jeffery G. and Kathy L. Hitt Memorial Scholarship-Jordan Tadlock, East Rankin Academy

Albert F. and Fannie M. Hollingsworth Scholarship-Andersen Adcock, Lake High School

Hudspeth Scholarship-Melinda Nolt, Grace Christian School

Martha Kate Tullos Hummel Scholarship-Charlie Wilcher, Leake Academy

Kelly Humphries Scholarship-Denise Glover, Oak Grove High School

Myrtle Hutchison Scholarship-Emily Beckham, Neshoba Central High School

S. Lebrun Hutchison Scholarship-Charlie Wilcher, Leake Academy

Johnson-Taylor Memorial Scholarship-Katilyn Walker, Leake Cental High School

Dr. Earl L. Laird, Sr., Scholarship-Breona Moore, Union High School

James E. Land Memorial Scholarship-Madeline LeBlanc, Union High School

Land Bank South Scholarship-Tytiana Wraggs, Louisville High School

Andrew Wilson Latham Scholarship-Victoria Sanders, Scott Central High School

La-Z-Boy Scholarship-Mikiyala Wells, Newton County High School, and Samuel Moore, Union High School

Frank Edwin and Nena Holt Leatherwood Scholarship-Weiying Wang, of Noxapater

Edwin and Marie Lowe Scholarship-Denise Glover, Oak Grove High School

William Wade Long Memorial Scholarship-Brianna Porter, Lake High School

Dr. Beverly Oliphant-Martin and John E. Martin Scholarship-Jacob Mott, Newton County High School

Thomas Rudolph Mayes Memorial Scholarship-Jared Graham, Newton County High School

Russell McCann Memorial Scholarship-Joseph Blount, Neshoba Central High School

Dr. Howard Carlton McMillin Memorial Scholarship-Samantha Sistrunk, Sebastopol High School

Mississippi Automotive Manufacturer’s Association Scholarship-Tyler Richardson, Newton County High School, and Peyton Penson, Philadelphia High School

Robert J. Moody, Jr., Special Education Scholarship-Patricia Jones, Leake Central High School

Dr. Vernon Clyde and Vashti Muse Scholarship-Erin McGrath, Leake Central High School

Ben Myers Memorial Scholarship-Sydney Breazeale and Nicole Ferguson, both of Neshoba Central High School

Rev. John Lambert Neill Scholarship-Gage Leifried, Southeast Lauderdale High School

New Directions Scholarship-Hunter Duncan, Florence High School

Stella Weathersby Newsome Scholarship-Melanie Kelly, West Lauderdale High School

Newton Rotary Club Scholarship-John Griffin and Kenlynn Morgan, both of Newton County High School

Polk and Jennie Pace Scholarship-Eden Ware, Lake High School

Charles P. and Bonnie Saxon Phillips Scholarship-Alex Wilcher, Union High School

Coach Ken Pouncey Memorial Scholarship-Emily Beckham, Neshoba Central High School

Shirley Renaud Memorial Scholarship-Mackenzie Johnson, Nanih Waiya High School

Regina Gail Gibbs Rigby Scholarship-Blake Jones, Forest High School

Ruth Round Volunteer Scholarship-Reagan Gorgas, Newton County High School

Sam Rush Memorial Scholarship-Cayman Ruffin and Samuel Singleton, both of Neshoba Central High School

Elva Smith Sigrest Memorial Scholarship-Emily Dykeman, Forest High School

Dr. Omar Simmons Scholarship-Lucas Bates, Lake Attendance Center

Willis E. Blum and Frances Gaines Blum Slagle Memorial Scholarship-Jonathan Hall, Philadelphia High School

Jay B. and Frances Harris Smith Scholarship-Jarod Ivey, Newton County High School

Willis W. “Bubba” Smith Scholarship-Jacob Edwards, Newton County High School

SouthGroup Cox Scholarship-Tyler Anderson, Leake Academy, and Anna Rushing, Leake Central High School

Square County Auctions Scholarship-Cassandra Shuler, Leake Central High School

State Farm Insurance Company Scholarship-Alexandria Lee, Louisville High School

Jacob Stovall Memorial Scholarship-Shanagia Sims, Philadelphia High School

Wallace Strickland Rush Health Systems Scholarship-Carley Puckett, Winston Academy

Taylor Machine Works Machining Scholarship-Brady Griffith, of McCool

Taylor Machine Works Welding Scholarship-Kwasniewski Glenn, Louisville High School, and Nicholas Black, Philadelphia High School

Larry Therrell Memorial Scholarship-Colton Estep, Leake Academy

Charles and Judy Dowdle Thomas Scholarship-Trashad Wragg, Philadelphia High School

Thomas East Central Scholars Scholarship-Kristen Kennedy, Union High School

Albert P. and Blanche W. Thompson Memorial Scholarship-Tanner Elders, Newton County High School

Thomas W. Thrash Memorial Scholarship-Amanda Creekmore, Newton County Academy

U.S. Electrical Motors Scholarship-Steven Reynolds, Nanih Waiya High School

James M. Vance Scholarship-Matthew Beasley, Sebastopol High School

Arno and Ruth Carr Vincent Scholarship-Parker Lemm, Starkville High School

Lavern and Elizabeth Vowell Memorial Scholarship-Destiny Carter, Sebastopol High School

Captain Charles E. Ward USN/RET Scholarship-Kaytlyn Burrage, Nanih Waiya High School

Warrior Golf Classic Alumni Association Scholarship-Laicon Partain, Newton County High School, and Eric Malone, Leake Central High School

Weems Family Scholarship-Easlen Love, Leake County High School

Harvey and Martha Wheeler Scholarship-Lindsey Ayllon, Newton County High School

J.C. White Scholarship-Rachel Keen, Union High School

Jack and Mary Jo White Scholarship-John Mark Vincent, Newton County High School

Bob Wilkerson Memorial Vo-Tech Scholarship-Jordan Adcox, Lake High School

Wilks-Palmer Scholars Scholarship-Thomas Gunnin, Noxapater High School

General William Patrick Wilson Memorial Scholarship-Khalil Triplett, Philadelphia High School

Lucille Wood Scholarship-Katie McCool, Winston Academy