These are the candidates to become the 2017 Homecoming Queen at East Central Community College. The election will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 20. The Queen, the Maid of Honor, and the rest of the Homecoming Court will be presented at halftime of the Homecoming football game against Northwest Mississippi Community College on Thursday evening, Oct. 19.

Name:  Makaeya Brock
Hometown:  Decatur
High School Attended:  Newton County
Parents: Daniele and Scott Brock
Major:  Pre-Nursing
ECCC Activities:  Student Body Association President, Centralettes Captain, Phi Beta Lambda, BSU Council, Phi Theta Kappa Council, Warrior Corps, Vocé, Choir, President’s Council
Why Do You Want to Be Homecoming Queen?
It is an honor to already be able to stand on the field with some of my closest friends and represent the sophomore class. East Central Community College has served as my home for the past four years, beginning when my dad became a Warrior football coach and moved our family to Mississippi. The people I’ve met since being here have shown nothing but love and kindness. Thank you East Central! It would be incredible to serve as your Homecoming Queen.

Name:  Jessica Everett
Hometown:  Decatur
High School Attended:  Newton County High School
Parents: Susan Withers and John Everett
Major:  Business Administration
ECCC Activities:  Phi Beta Lambda President, Diamond Darlings Vice President, Wall O’ Sound Marching Band Drum Major, Phi Theta Kappa President, Student Body Association Secretary, President’s Council, Environmental Club, Art Club
Why Do You Want to Be Homecoming Queen?
The reason I want to be 2017 Homecoming Queen is because East Central holds a special place in my heart and it would be an honor to represent East Central as Homecoming Queen.

Name:  Taylor Hardy
Hometown:  Starkville
High School Attended:  West Springfield (Va.) High School
Parents: Nancy and Steve Hardy
Major:  Elementary Education
ECCC Activities:  Centralettes, Warrior Corps, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Diamond Darlings, Choir, Vocé, BSU Praise Leader
Why Do You Want to Be Homecoming Queen?
First off, being Homecoming Queen is a great way to represent this college. ECCC is a place that will forever have a special place in my heart because so many of my best memories have and will be made here. Also, my mom, Nancy Bagwell at the time, was crowned Homecoming Queen. It would be amazing to follow he
r footsteps.

Name:  Hayden Hudspeth
Hometown:  Louisville
High School Attended:  Winston Academy
Parents:  Missy and Cully Hudspeth
Major:  Speech-Language Pathology
ECCC Activities:  Student Body Association Treasurer, Centralettes, Phi Beta Lambda, Choir, Warrior Corps, Phi Theta Kappa Council, BSU Council
Why Do You Want to Be Homecoming Queen?
It would be an incredible honor to be elected as East Central’s Homecoming Queen for 2017. My freshman year here was one of the greatest years of my life, and I absolutely love this school! Representing East Central as Homecoming Queen would be a memory of a lifetime.

Name:  Autumn Angel Taylor
Hometown:  Newton
High School Attended:  Newton High School
Parent:  LaTasha Burks
Major:  Physical Therapy
ECCC Activities:  Lady Warrior Basketball Team,
Why Do You Want to Be Homecoming Queen?
I would like to be the 2017 Homecoming Queen for East Central Community College because I would be a great representative of the entire student body as well as the college as a whole. As your Homecoming Queen, I know that I exemplify the Core Values of ECCC … those being Wisdom, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Enthusiasm, Efficiency and Creativity. They are who I am. I also believe my school spirit goes beyond athletics and encompasses my academic achievements and community involvement. Becoming ECCC’s 2017 Homecoming Queen would be a title I would carry with me for a lifetime. I am humbled and honored by the opportunity that my fellow students have given me by choosing me to represent them.