eccc testing servicesEast Central Community College offers proctoring services for students who need to take examinations in a proctored environment but are not current East Central Community College/MSVCC enrollees. 

  • We offer web-based or paper proctoring only. 
  • If your completed exam will only be accepted by USPS, you are responsible for providing a stamped envelope to return all paperwork. 
  • We charge a $20 fee (non-refundable) for each test scheduled/administered. 

If your college requires East Central Community College to complete paperwork (such as a proctor agreement), please e-mail all forms and information to with a subject line of Testing Services and your First and Last name (i.e. Testing Services John Smith) so that we can complete the required request. 
All students needing proctoring must complete the Application for Examination and submit $20 payment prior to scheduling. Payments may be made in the Business Office prior to the scheduled examination. A receipt of payment will be required in order for the examination to be administered. 
You are responsible for submitting your payment in ample time for it to be processed prior to your preferred testing date. 
Students must provide a valid, photo ID at check in. Please review East Central Community College’s Proctored Examination Procedures prior to arriving at the Testing Center. Appointments are required for test proctoring. We will do our best to accommodate your testing date and time preferences. 

Steps to Utilize East Central Community College for Proctored Examinations

  1. eccc testing servicesComplete the Application for Examination.
  2. Make your $20 payment at the Business Office. Be sure to retain a copy of your receipt as it is required for the examination to be administered. 
  3. If your college wishes to email our office, the address is:
  4. If your college wishes to mail information, the mailing address is: ECCC eLearning Testing Services, P.O. Box 129, Decatur, MS 39327
  5. After Testing Services has received your test, we can schedule your appointment. Depending upon how soon your college sends the test will determine how quickly we can schedule your appointment. Payment must be made prior to administration of the examination.
  6. East Central Community College does not pay for postage to mail tests back to your school. If you school requires East Central Community College Testing Services to mail your completed examination, the student testing is responsible for providing the return envelope and return postage. 
  7. You must bring a valid, photo ID to test. 
  8. You must follow the guidelines of your college and East Central Community College Testing Services.

Please complete the Application for Examination in order to test at East Central Community College in Decatur, MS if you are a Non-EC/Non-MSVCC enrollee.

Application for Examination Form