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  1. College website: – particularly,
  2. Wi-Fi
    1. Parking lots (outdoor) access on the ECCC main campus.  ECCC Information Technology has completed installation of outdoor access points to service parking lots on the north side of the main campus.  See for more details.  To report a signal outage, contact ECCC Information Technology at 601-635-6424 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    2. The Mississippi Library Association maintains a list of Wi-Fi availability across the state that includes public libraries and parking lots. A map and an Excel list of those locations can be found at
    3. Students who cannot come to campus to access the internet from the aforementioned parking lots should identify locations within their own communities to access adequate internet capabilities.
    4. Several internet service providers are offering free or low-cost internet and other opportunities to qualified individuals during this time. East Central Community College does not endorse any of these vendors nor does it verify terms or conditions. It is simply a non-exhaustive list of some of these providers. Among them are:
      1. AT&T
      2. Charter
      3. Spectrum
      4. Comcast
      5. C-Spire
      6. Sprint
      7. T-Mobile
      8. Verizon
      9. Xfinity
  3. myEC
    2. Requires myEC student login credentials.
    3. Email for technical support.
  4. Email
    1. or
  5. Canvas
    2. The Office of eLearning will provide support, documentation, and training materials on an ongoing basis.
    3. Student tutorial course on Canvas linked here:
    4. For technical support, email or contact ECCC eLearning at 601-635-6428, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., on weekdays.
  6. Redshelf e-Books
    1. For students in need of a textbook, RedShelf is offering up to seven (7) free ebooks for the rest of the semester. This offer does not include courseware, but it will provide a textbook, if the student does not have one at this time. For more information:
  7. Library Resources
    1. Link
    2. In particular, note the Helpful Links heading for online tools.
    3. The ECCC Library staff has prepared helpful online tutorials at this link:
  8. Google Drive
    1., Personal Go-to-Google-Drive, login with ECCC email credentials.
    2. Google drive is available to all students and is the preferred method for transfer of files between campus and remote locations.
    3. Learn the basics on how to use Google Drive here:
    4. Avoid transferring documents with social security numbers and like personally identifiable information (PII). Google Drive, like email, is not a secure environment for PII.
  9. Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office)
    2. Students with a college (.edu) email address may register, download, and install Microsoft Office (MS-Word, Excel, etc.) to an off-site device at no charge. Enter the ECCC email address, a verification email will be sent to allow the free download.
  10. Google Docs
    1. Candidate for use if Microsoft Office is not available or cannot be installed.
    2. Google Docs can accomplish many of the basic tasks that the Microsoft Office Suite does on campus – word processing, spreadsheet, presentation slides. Docs reads existing MS-Word and Excel files.
    3., sign in with ECCC email credentials.
    4. Learn the basics on how to use Google Docs here:
  11. Google Meet – live videoconferencing, group chat/messaging
    1. Google Meet is available to all ECCC Gmail users – employees and students.
    2. Login at
    3. A scheduled group meeting is known as a Google Hangout.
    4. Google Meet features an intuitive online presentation interface.
    5. Google Meet supports computer or phone audio.
    6. All participants must be logged into
    7. Learn the basics on how to use Google Meet here: